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December 14th, 2018 (PRDistribution) – Salt Lake City, Utah and Pittsburgh, PA – Second Heart Assist, Inc. today announced a new exclusive patent licensing agreement with Vascor of Pittsburgh that includes broad coverage for more than 35 issued patent claims for improving wireless power transmission for implantable circulatory assist pumps within the lower aorta.

Vascor’s US Patent Number  9,308,303 has a priority date of 7/11/2011 making it the earliest in the series of patents for transcutaneous power transmission for implantable circulatory assist pumps. The main first claim of 35 covers…

A system, comprising:

  • an implantable pump system for assisting blood flow in a patient comprising: a drive system and an energy transfer system to provide energy to the drive system, the energy transfer system comprising:
  • an external system comprising a power source and an external coil, and
  • an internal system comprising an internal coil adapted to receive transcutaneous energy transmitted from the external coil, the internal system having at least a first state wherein energy transmission from the external coil is required to provide operational power to the drive system, the implantable pump system having a normally open state such that blood can flow therethrough in the absence of application of energy to the drive system.

“This technology expands our Second Heart Assist IP portfolio to over 200 patent claims issued or pending which includes wireless power, harmonic resonance for blood clot prevention, two aortic pumps in series, pulsatile stent graft, impeller conforming aortic stent, auto management and more” stated Howard J. Leonhardt, Executive Chairman & CEO, Second Heart Assist, Inc.

“This license provides Vascor with the opportunity to participate in the emerging lower aorta position circulatory assist market with a partner led by a management team that has successfully brought to market leadership a number of cardiovascular products in the past.”  John Friel, President Vascor

Second Heart Assist, Inc. has filed with Institutional Review Boards in Paraguay and Australia to begin clinical trials of its 1st generation catheter based pump 1Q 2019. It is also active in an interactive review process with the FDA with plans to initiate an early feasibility study in the USA.

The first of 4 phases of testing of the Second Heart Assist wireless powered 2nd generation device have begun at Queensland  University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.

“Wireless power has been the Holy Grail in the field of mechanical circulatory support (MCS) for advanced heart failure for decades, as it would free patients from the need to be tethered to a drive line to power the device, allowing much greater mobility and quality of life, as well as freedom from the constant risk of serious infection. We look forward to the potential opportunity to offer this to patients after and if our technology is proven out in well controlled  clinical studies.  It would be one of the greatest advances in the field of MCS states Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer for Second Heart Assist, Inc.

Dr. Leslie Miller is author or co-author of over 241 peer reviewed publications and has participated in more than 80 clinical trials.

This patent license is the first arranged by Leonhardt’s Launchpads Pittsburgh with Pittsburgh based researchers after opening their accelerator at LifeX Labs earlier this year.  A number of other research agreements and patent license agreements are in the works.

Note – Both executive management teams have agreed to the terms of this exclusive license agreement for the lower aorta and a non-exclusive license to the upper aorta but the final agreement will not be fully ratified until both firms respective board of directors fully approve the agreement in their next formal meetings. 

About Second Heart Assist:  Founded in 2016 in Utah is focused on developing catheter based and wireless powered circulatory assist pumps within conforming strong wall fixation aortic stents.  The technology platform includes harmonic vibrational resonance for preventing blood clot formations – 

About Leonhardt’s Launchpads Pittsburgh:  Founded in 2018 is an innovation and startup accelerator housed within LifeX Labs focused on organ regeneration and recovery technologies which includes Second Heart Assist, Inc.  See previous press release here > and web site ;

About Vascor:  Vascor is a medical device company located near Pittsburgh PA that is aiming to dramatically improve the quality and longevity of life for millions of people suffering with heart failure. Vascor’s technology will offer a safer and more effective destination therapy option to heart failure patients who are unlikely to receive a heart transplant.

About LifeX:  At LifeX™ we believe the biggest investment opportunity is creating novel types of   solutions that result from the convergence of different silos of expertise and address global unmet health needs. LifeX focuses on building companies that are developing therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and digital health companies with the potential to return billions of dollars and save   millions of lives. LifeX takes an active and engaged approach to venture funding to ensure entrepreneurs get the guidance, resources and support needed to tackle these prevalent, notoriously intractable and horrific diseases.

Disclaimer:  All product developments mentioned are early stage and unproven yet to be either safe or effective.  Any product performance claims implied are not meant to be   absolute or deemed proven via statistically significant and powered   evaluations. These are early stage optimistic observations only. The company may not have the resources to fully develop these products.  Any patents licensed, issued or pending may not be kept active or held.  Any strategic partnerships mentioned may not be maintained.  Any forward looking or positive inclination statements may be subject to change forward without notice.  This communication reflects the optimism of founders and developers only.  As an investment these startups must be considered very high risk not suitable for many and restricted to verified accredited and sophisticated  experienced investors only at this time. A substantial portion of the engaged team derives sources of income from other sources and may not be   fully focused on accomplishing the goals of the organization which may impede or delay progress.  The technologies mentioned herein have not yet been proven to be either safe or effective.

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