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Second Heart Assist Announces Successful Completion of Long-Duration Pre-Clinical Studies

First Long-Duration Clinical Studies in Cardio-Renal Syndrome Patients Now Scheduled to Take Place July 2020 in Tbilisi, Georgia NEWS PROVIDED BY Second Heart Assist, Inc. June 22nd, 2020 7:00am ET  Salt Lake City, Utah, June 22nd, 2020 /PRDistribution/ --...

Second Heart Assist to Present Clinical Data at American Society for Artificial Internal Organs 66th Annual Conference

Salt Lake City, UT (April 30th, 2020) - Following blind peer review, Second Heart Assist's clinical data presentation has been selected for oral presentation at the American Society of Artificial Organs (ASAIO) 66th annual conference, scheduled to be held entirely...

Second Heart Assist to Unveil Updated Wireless Power Design at ASAIO Annual Meeting

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 7th, 2020 - Second Heart Assist, the innovative developers of the world's first percutaneous placed true aortic stent based circulatory assist pumps, are delighted to announce that they will provide a brief update on their breakthrough...

Second Heart Assist Flow Model Demo Pulsaltility

Only system known that has the delicate balance right of firmly fixating to the aortic wall to avoid migration and re-positioning risks and at the same time being sufficiently compliant not to interfere with aortic wall motion and not to damage the aortic wall. You...

Howard Leonhardt and Alex Richardson of Second Heart Assist discuss regenerating hearts and novel medical devices

During their recent visit to Victoria BC for lab testing services, Second Heart Assist Chairman and CEO, Howard Leonhardt (HL), and VP of Engineering & Product Development, Alex Richardson (AR), spoke with ViVitro Lab and Interim General Manager, Rob Fraser (RF),...


Howard Leonhardt
Chairman, CEO

Dr. Leslie Miller
Chief Medical Officer, Board Director

Jeff Donofrio
President, Board Director

Alex Richardson
CTO, Board Director

Brett Burton
VP R&D, Board Director

Ken Evans
VP Corporate Development, Board Director

Mark Cunningham
Chief Advisor CardioThoracic Surgery, Board Director

Dinesh Patel
Board Director

Larry Stevens
Chief Advisor Regulatory Affairs

Todd Seiger
Chief Advisor Reimbursement

Dr. Samer Banihani
Chief Nephrologist


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