Second Heart Team

Howard Leonhardt

Chairman of the Board

Jeff Donofrio

President, Board Director

Dr. Leslie Miller

Chief Medical Officer, Board Director

Alex Richardson

Chief Technology Officer, Vice President Engineering and Product Development, Board Director

Stuart Kozlick

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Mark Cunningham

Board Director, Chief Advisor Cardio-Thoracic Surgery (Independent)

Dr. Dinesh Patel

Board Director, Chief Advisor Business Development, Audit Committee Chair (Independent)

Dr. Patrick Griffith

Board Director, Senior Advisor CardioThoracic Surgery, MBA Healthcare Business Advisor (Independent)

Mark Libratore

Board Director (Independent)

Larry Stevens

Chief FDA Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Todd Seiger

Chief Reimbursement Consultant

Dr. Samer Banihani

Chief Nephrologist Kidney Health Advisor

Robyn Thornburgh

Board Advisor

Anthony Domenici

Contract Chief Financial Advisor, Accounts Payable Team Leader

Sejal Chaudhari

Research Coordinator, Pre-Clinical Studies Director, Regulatory Affairs

Kapil Sharma

Investor Relations, Regulatory Affairs Bioengineer

Ben Boytor

Chief Advisor Quality Management Systems

Dr. William Abraham

Chairman Scientific Advisory Board, Heart Failure Expert Consultant

Brian Hardy

Director of Marketing, Website Development

Allen Turner

Chief Patent Counsel Trask Britt

Bruce Methven

Chief Legal Counsel MethvenLaw

Sheryl Melancon

Assistant to the President

Natalie Tinnirello

Executive Assistant

Lisa Weinburg

Senior Regulatory Consultant

Peter McBride

Senior Business Development Advisor

Kurt Kruger

Senior Financial Analyst

Dr. Tim Henry

Senior Interventional Cardiology Advisor

Dr. Nicolas Chronos

Senior Interventional Cardiology Advisor

Dr. Barry Greenberg

Senior Heart Failure Advisor

Dr. Mahinda Vilathgamuwa

Senior Engineering Advisor

Dr. Zvonmir Krajcer

Senior Interventional Cardiology Advisor

Note – All team members and board directors hold other positions within the industry.


Investigational Use Only:  Not Available for Sale.  Product not yet tested to support any clinical claims. Early stage development.

WARNING:  Early stage development.  NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE.  INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY WITH PROPER REGULATORY CLEARANCES ONLY.  Animal use only at this time.  Prospective, randomized, multi-center, double blinded, placebo controlled clinical evaluations of Second Heart circulatory assist pumps to assess safety in supporting cardiovascular haemodynamics in patients have yet to be completed.  No clinical claims for these devices are supported at this time.