Salt Lake City, Utah, May 7th, 2020 – Second Heart Assist, the innovative developers of the world’s first percutaneous placed true aortic stent based circulatory assist pumps, are delighted to announce that they will provide a brief update on their breakthrough wireless powered chronic implant circulatory assist device, at the upcoming ASAIO tele-conference June 10-13, 2020.


The newly updated device will be unveiled for the first time with a few more details on its expected final design and performance characteristics. This wireless powered device is substantially similar to the Second Heart Assist catheter based device that completed a successful pilot clinical study in 2019 but with the added ability to disconnect the drive shaft and catheter and switch over to wireless power.  The previous clinical study data will be presented during the ASAIO meeting.
Alex Richardson, Second Heart Assist CTO commented “It is very rewarding to present an update on our work at the prestigious ASAIO meeting and to have our progress in leading the transition to percutaneously placed wireless powered circulatory assist shared with the scientific and medical community.”


Some of the unique features of this device include (pending statistically significant data to prove):

  • Strong migration resistant fixation to aorta wall – position stability security.
  • Ability to conform to changes in aorta wall shape, size and movement.
  • Maintains pulsatility of both blood flow and aorta wall movement for optimizing hemodynamics.
  • Harmonic tuned vibrational resonance in cycles pin point directed to high risk stagnation points to reduce blood clot risks while minimizing hemolysis.
  • Designed for thrombosis and hemoloysis risk reduction.


Link to video with a first sneak peek look at new wireless power device design –


SHA GEN 2 FINAL from Brian Hardy on Vimeo.


“There is a great patient need for a percutaneous placed device that is wireless powered to give them mobility while minimizing the risk of infection. In simple terms heart failure patients able to walk around are more likely to have a successful recovery than those tethered to a motor restricted to a bed.” states Dr. Leslie Miller, Chief Medical Officer whom will be presenting the update at the ASAIO Annual Meeting

Second Heart Assist designed this long term chronic device with specific intent to help serve the Class III heart failure patients for which there are no percutaneous (non surgical) delivered mechanical solutions available today. Up to a dozen drug studies attempting to serve these same patients have failed to reach their intended study end points over this past decade which highlights the great need for an alternative choice for these patients.



Second Heart Assist is developing the first percutaneous catheter-deployed true aortic stent placed circulatory assist pumps. The firm has a pioneering 2011 filed patent for wireless power  The core founding team at Second Heart Assist, Inc. previously developed the world’s leading aortic stent graft system for endovascular aortic aneurysm repair and one of the first patented percutaneous delivered heart valves. For more information, visit our web site at

The Second Heart Assist product developments are assisted by the Leonhardt’s Launchpads innovation accelerator R&D labs in California and Utah, see   

Click here to access Leonhardt Ventures’ and Leonhardt’s Launchpads 2019/20 Annual Report

Other related Second Heart Assist patents pending:

(1) Circulatory Assist Pump –

(2) Preventing blood clot formation, calcification and/or plaque formation on blood contact surface(s)


ASAIO’s mission is to provide a forum that globally and collaboratively promotes the development of innovative medical device technology at the crossroads of science, engineering, and medicine.  Dedicated sessions are devoted to pediatric and adult mechanical circulatory support, respiratory assist, and VAD coordinator training.  ASAIO (formerly known as the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs) is a world class society that has been in existence for over 64 years. It strives to “save lives one medical device at a time”.

ASAIO is the ideal home for visionaries with innovative ideas and young investigators eager to advance their careers. The Annual Conference provides a venue for young investigators and startups to present early-stage research to an international audience receptive to new concepts in each of these fields. The Annual Conference also offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to present new concepts to a seasoned audience to get real-time clinical, engineering and regulatory feedback on the viability of novel technology. The society takes pride in having “respect for all ideas”, and in creating a culture that encourages interdisciplinary, mixing, blending, and out-of-the-box thinking.


Warning:  Product is not yet proven either safe or effective and is only available for investigational use in selected countries where proper clearances have been or will be granted. Patents issued may not be maintained. Patents pending may not be issued. Company may be found to be infringing the patents of others. Forward looking information is subject to change without notice.  Supply agreements may not be maintained.  Any performance data mentioned or implied is subject to statistically significant studies which have not been completed yet.